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Comfort With The Unknown: Sculling for The Hesitant Sweep Rower

For rowers at colleges or masters clubs who place a huge emphasis on sweep rowing, sculling might be seen as a foreign activity or one that you only practice when you are otherwise unable to row in bigger boats. Why would I want to be alone in a boat? Isn’t this a team sport? What if I flip? While these are all valid ... More

C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints 2018

Why would anyone pay $35 and drive 4 hours to/from Boston in order to do a 2k race?  Well, I decided to find out! After hearing so much from everyone about this great race, I finally got my chance to try it on Sunday, Feb 25th.  This year’s race was a little subdued compared to prior races (or so I heard) as the World ... More