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How did you find the sport of rowing? Or did it find you? Rowing definitely found me. My freshman year of college I didn’t want to get over-involved in extracurricular activities (I’m really good at that) so I could focus on my studies, but somehow I found myself at 5:30 am practices, running up the seats and down the stairs at the football stadium, sprinting up

How did you find the sport of rowing? Or did it find you? Ever since I was very young, I have always been attracted to the water.  The irony of this attraction is that I do actually get sea sick when I am in the ocean, but only when standing still (for the benefit of the person sitting in front of me the next time

The incredible sport with a long and rich history is rather foreign for many of us.    My introduction was through my son who decided to try out for the high school crew team.  Over the first year I witnessed so many different personalities work together for one goal.  Notably overtime the act of rowing in the same boat 5 days a week shaped itself into unparalleled teamwork

Written By: John Greaser Tired of looking in the rear view mirror of your life?  If so, become a different you and take up rowing. Have you ever asked yourself the question, why do people row (scull, crew); or more specifically, why out of all the possible movement disciplines consider rowing as an option.  I posed that question to myself 20 years ago and haven't regretted