Join FVRA as a Coxswain

A coxswain [ kok-suhn ] is a key part of team sweep boats. They steer, act as the in-boat coach – running practice drills and workouts, and listen to the coach to communicate changes. Most importantly they keep the rowers safe, reading the water to look for hazards, and steer within the appropriate traffic pattern. On land they continue to guide rowers through directing boat movements and helping organize the group before and after rows. The job requires patience, composure, confidence and quite a lot of counting. Coxswains are key to any rowing group and FVRA is always looking for enthusiastic coxswains both experienced, and not, to join our club.

Have you coxed previously for a high school or college team and are looking to get back out on the water? Are you interested in learning how to become a coxswain? Email to let us know and we will work with you to get you out in a boat this season! We also offer discounted memberships for members who cox at least 3 times a week.