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About The Farmington Valley Rowing Association

The Farmington Valley Rowing Association Inc. (FVRA) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) member and volunteer supported organization that provides a comprehensive community-rowing program designed for a diverse population. FVRA’s Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible for the overall management of program offerings, club finances, and daily operations.

A member of the USRowing, FVRA was founded in 1982, in part, by parents of children who were on the Simsbury High School crew team. FVRA was formally incorporated in 1989 to promote the sport of rowing in the Farmington Valley area through recreational, competitive, and educational programs. FVRA rows on the Farmington River in Windsor, CT.

FVRA is proud to offer a sport for both experienced rowers and those new to the sport. The club provides learn-to-row opportunities as well as sculling and sweep programs for novice, intermediate, and recreational rowers. For competitive rowers, the women’s and men’s racing teams offer an advanced program with opportunities to compete in sprint and distance race events during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

2023 – 2024 Officers and Board Members

Katie Ouellette, President
Ryan McMahon, Secretary
Todd Cooperman, Treasurer
René Twarkins, Board Member
Bridget Logan, Board Member
Lara Perry, Board Member

Frequently Asked Questions

“Am I too old to learn to row?”

Rowing is a sport that can be learned at any age! FVRA is a masters rowing club so we focus on rowers post college to retirees. Head of the Charles a rowing race held in the fall in Boston had 2 dozen octogenarians (80+!) participating in their open eight category in 2023!  You don’t need to have prior experience in a boat or have used a rowing machine. If you have the basic flexibility to stand up and sit down, and are able to swim, we will work with you to learn the basics of the stroke, maneuver equipment both individually and as a group and grow your confidence both in and out of the boat. It has been a life changing experience for so many of our rowers and we would love to have you join! (Check out the HOC Octogenarian eights here,

“My son/daughter would like to learn how to row and participate on a youth racing team”

FVRA is a masters rowing club so we focus on rowers post college to retirees. However, we have had many youth rowers participate in our learn to row programs over the winter, join a learn to row in the summer, keep themselves moving through recreational rowing programs and learn to scull. We currently don’t offer any youth racing programs but highly recommend Riverfront Recapture Youth Rowing held at the Riverfront Recapture boathouse on the Connecticut River in Hartford. Visit their website to learn more about their youth racing team opportunities,

“I haven’t been in a boat in 20 years – do you think I can still do it?”

The great thing about rowing is its always here and is a learned skill for life. It is amazing how quickly people who ask this question are able to get back in a boat and start rowing as if they were just in a boat yesterday. While many people rowed previously with competitive programs in college or high school, its good to let yourself ease back into the motion and wake those muscles back up. We’re happy to get you back on the water in whatever way is best for you! That could be learning to scull and rowing recreationally a few mornings a week, joining a recreational sweep group throughout the summer or getting yourself back in a racing boat.

“I’ve never rowed but would like to get started, what programs are available?”

FVRA holds monthly learn to row programs throughout the summer. There is also the option to join our indoor learn to row at Trinity College in Hartford where you will learn to row in an indoor rowing tank that simulates the experience of sitting in a boat with your oar in the water. If you would like to learn how to row in a single scull, or individual person boat, a lesson can be set up with one of our coaches to get you moving in a “tub” single, a wide boat for learning without having to worry about balance. All of these programs and more details will be listed on our website under Winter Training or On-Water Programs & Lessons. After you have reviewed all of the available options you can email for any additional questions.

“How do I know when registration opens for programming?”

The best way to know when registration opens for all of our programming, to learn about upcoming events and club updates is to sign up for our Monthly FVRA Newsletter. Use the form below to sign up!

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