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Since we are not able to participate in any fall events we had the idea of holding a fun head race length event for all rowers who were on the water this season. There is currently a gps based course laid out on an app called Strava. (directions for use are available below) It allows you to track yourself while you’re rowing, measure activity over time and see your course. The course runs from the Red House down to the corner just before the dam. Over the next couple of weeks we will add a small marker or buoy to the end of the course but in the meantime you are welcome to do a few practice runs. 

During the week of Oct 10th to Oct 17th submit your participation by rowing the course and on the morning of Oct 18th join us for an end of the season Experienced Rower Clinic and event participant awards ceremony. This is not a “race” specifically but an invitation to row the same length as the Head of the Charles race course on our own water at whatever speed you choose. If you would like to row the course with a buddy reach out to them and plan a row!

To use Strava

  1. Download the app into your phone from
  2. Open the app before you are about to head out on the water and click the circle at the bottom to “Record”
  3. Choose your sport as “Row” by clicking on the sport icon listed above “Start”
  4. Tap “Start” and the app will start to record
  5. Head out on the water and row
  6. Row the course listed above as close as you can by steering and the app will automatically record your row and include “Segments” or predetermined sections of Rainbow where courses have been labeled through the app
  7. Once you are done tap the stop icon at the bottom of the screen and click “Finish” and then “Save Activity”
  8. To see if you recorded Head of the Riverfront tap the “Profile” icon at the bottom
  9. Tap the activity you just did and scroll down to “Results” where it will list the segments you rowed
  10. Email Katie with any questions 🙂

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