Equipment Sign Out Help

To sign out a boat using our Sports Noticeboard page:

  1. Email or Katie to get a login for the site
  2. Click “Equipment Sign Out (Login Required)” at the very top of our website
  3. Login to the Sports Noticeboard Bookings page
  4. You will see a button “New Booking” click that to make a new sign out entry
    • Choose the date you would like to book for and hit continue
    • It will show you a list of the current bookings so you can make sure your time is free
    • Scroll down and choose your “Resource” which will be your boat
    • Enter the time you would like to check the boat out – Ex: 6 – 7 = am or 6 PM – 7 PM will show up as pm
    • Add any notes that are relevant
    • Change the type of usage if needed
    • Click “Check” to verify the details and confirm your booking
    • To book click “Book” at the bottom of the next page
  5. Your booking will now show up on the main calendar and be visible by other club members