Dock Improvements and Summer Programs

New dock sections came in and were assembled this weekend. The dock is now much wider providing more stability while launching. While it has been put in, the water is still very cold and rowing is not set to start for another couple of weeks.

We are wrapping up the details for our spring/summer programs. Around the end of May into early June we will have a 3 week session and during July we will hold a 3 day weekend clinic (Fri-Sun). Stay tuned for updates and registration which will be found under the “Row With Us” tab.


Other updates:

  • Plans are being finalized for a ramp to add before the dock on the beach
  • There will be a team boat moving day on April 13th @ 9 am – more details to come
  • We have purchased a second set of A-frame racks for additional boats coming over from Simsbury on April 13th.
  • The sectional is being listed on in hopes of purchasing additional sculling boats

As we start the season in a couple of weeks please be aware of increased traffic down to the water. Both Riverfront and Trinity teams will be at Rainbow while they wait for the snow melt to recede in Hartford.