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2019 Fall Meeting Recap

On Thursday Nov 14th club members gathered in Farmington to discuss the past year, club updates and plans for 2020. It was a great to see everyone and meet some prospective members. Registration will be posted soon for our winter training programming which includes both a Beginner/Learn to Row sessions as well as ... More

Strength Training During the On-Water Season

By Kirsten Preskenis, NASM CPT A well-rounded athlete has a solid foundation of aerobic fitness, flexibility and strength. Rowers are no exception. In fact, all three components are critical for the success of the individual and the boat as a whole. As championship seasons approach however, many of these athletes focus ... More

“The Flip Test”

Here is the biggest problem with racing singles, in order to make them fast, you have to make them narrow. A rowboat is wide and stable, but not very exciting to row. A racing single is narrow and tippy, but once you get the hang of it, is FAST and FUN!! There is definitely a phase while learning to scull which ... More

PFDs, Flooding and Preparedness – Key Safety Considerations for Spring Rowing

As the weather starts to warm up, and we head into April, most of us are eager to get back out on the water as soon as possible. We need to make sure we don’t forget important safety precautions before we head to the dock. Is it warm enough? USRowing promotes a good “rule of thumb” cold weather policy: make ... More

Why I Chose Rowing

The incredible sport with a long and rich history is rather foreign for many of us.    My introduction was through my son who decided to try out for the high school crew team.  Over the first year I witnessed so many different personalities work together for one goal.  Notably overtime the ... More

Unforeseen Benefits of Joining a Rowing Club

In 2013 I was in need of a local rowing club. Not to row with, but because I was intent on buying a 1x and needed a place to rack it. After an 11-year reprieve, I wanted to return to rowing but didn’t want to row with a club again as my previous experience had not been positive. Buying a 1x and rowing alone was the only ... More

Increase Your Rowing Visual Library: Learn With Instagram

Social media is usually something we use to escape our day, check what our friends are up to or just waste some time while we wait in line. It is however a great resource for increasing your rowing visual library. You can watch rowing videos of athletes of all levels working on all different kinds of things at different ... More

Beating the Winter Blues with Indoor Racing

Do you want to stay competitive during the off-season? Look no further than indoor racing. All you need to succeed is an erg, and the correct mindset. It’s known that erging is a mental game. The monitor is unforgiving in its honesty. But, remember that the erg is a tool to further our physical and mental fitness for ... More