Spring Meeting Review

meetingSeventeen individuals braved howling wind gusts of 50-60 mph to attend the FVRA annual spring meeting on March 17th . Generously hosted by club member Tamra at her beautiful historic Farmington home, old and new members gathered around with treats and libations ready to discuss forthcoming season plans and schedules.

First up on the agenda was the 2015 budget which was unanimously approved without comment. Membership prices have been increased slightly this year and money has been appropriated for an oar rack and the shower project. Advertising expenses were also increased to help get the word out about our learn-to-row events and to help grow the general membership. Otherwise, there were no major changes to the budget.

A “welcome booklet” has been created for all new incoming FVRA members. The booklet covers important information such as race dates, the Camp Shalom Farmington River water course, equipment guidelines, and all the rules and regulations of which every new member needs to be made aware. Contact club President Katie Ouellette if you would like a copy of this slick little publication.

Team captains Ashely Shepard and Ryan McMahon talked up plans for the upcoming racing season and rolled out an assignment for those interested in racing this year-a goal sheet. Anyone interested in racing should complete the goal sheet consisting of both personal and team goals and email the completed task to both Ashley and Ryan. If you’ve not received the goal sheet, email either captain to obtain it.

Additionally, rowers should review the 13 (in some cultures 13 is a lucky number) races that the club plans on attending in 2015 (posted on FVRA.org) and provide the captains with an idea of your availability for each race. This will allow Ashley and Ryan to plan boats and seating well in advance so that teams can practice together.

A mandatory safety clinic will be scheduled within the next few weeks before we get out onto the water. A coxing clinic will follow soon thereafter.

Wednesday workouts at Power 10 will continue until further notice. Club members should be sure to maintain fitness levels over the next few weeks until we’re able to get back out onto the water. When that will be is anyone’s guess. Likely we can all agree it won’t be soon enough.