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Interested in Joining the Men’s Competitive Team?

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FVRA Competitive Men’s Team

Goal: The primary goal of the Competitive Mens team is to bring together a group of motivated athletes who will work together to perform at their highest potential. The biggest determinant of success will be commitment to the group and your personal improvement as a rower and athlete. The Competitive Team provides more time with coaches, additional on-water practice, structured training workouts on land and on the water and a focus on racing strategies and readiness. This program will allow you to improve your personal fitness and rowing skills and take part in competitive racing events.

Practices: The competitive season will start in late March and run through November. Practices may need to switch to a.m. when darkness necessitates. Three organized practices will be held every week. At a minimum you should attend two practices so the entire team is together at least twice a week. In addition to the on-water workouts all athletes will participate in land training consisting of erging, weight lifting and aerobic activities.

Boat Assignments and Lineups: As a competitive athlete it is very important to have the ability and flexibility to row in a variety of boats and both sides. Rowers will practice and compete in fours and eights with the potential for sculling in singles and doubles. The overall goal is to create boats that move at their fastest pace. Coaches will set lineups for each practice and race. Availability must be given 2 weeks in advance. Any rower who cancels within 48 hours of a practice must find a replacement sub.

Coxswains: Not Guaranteed! The coaches will do their best to recruit and train coxswains for the program. However, if there is not a coxswain available it will be up to the rowers to find someone to perform this role. Any inexperienced coxswain must have a safety launch.

Regattas: Mark your calendars! It is important to commit early to the races you are able to attend.

Fees: All members will be required to pay the standard racing membership fee as well as any additional racing fees. The additional racing fees will help pay for coxswains, regatta registration fees and offset other other non-standard expenses. Fees do not cover travel, food or uniforms.

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