Help Power the New FVRA Quad!

quadDuring the fall of 2016 the Farmington Valley Rowing Association’s Board of Directors located and purchased a used 4x for the FVRA racing teams. This boat is something members of the club have waited to row for years and marks the first time that FVRA has owned a 4x. It is a beautiful boat, ready to be rowed once the river thaws in spring 2017, but… it needs oars! We are asking for your help to get the 4x moving!

Please consider making a donation to help us purchase 4 sets of Concept2 sculling blades. These oars will be dedicated solely to the new 4x and will allow the club to adequately outfit all existing sculling boats with the oars they need.

Along with the oar purchase we will also be getting a new cox box . This will be for general club use, including any recreational or learn -to-row programs. This new piece of equipment will allow us to upgrade our outdated and ailing cox box to the current modern design.

As a volunteer and non-profit organization it is our supporters and participants that keep us going. Our goal for this 2017 fundraising initiative is to have full participation from our current club members. Our board members have already dedicated themselves to 100% participation and many have already submitted their donations. Whether it’s $1 or $1000, your contribution of any amount will help us meet our participation and fundraising goals in support of this equipment purchase.

We can’t wait to be back on the water in the spring with new equipment to help spread the love of this wonderful sport that keeps us sane throughout the year, strengthening our community of health, friendship and learning.

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