New Peinert 25x Added to the Fleet – “Edamame”


We are happy to announce a new addition to our fleet! We now have a second Peinert 25x, “Edamame”. It is the exact same size as “In the Red” and built for rowers 110lbs – 160lbs. It came from a single owner in Cheshire, CT. It’s a great addition to our fleet and will help us expand our sculling program.

We’ve made a couple of upgrades to the boat to make it ready for use. The main change being a brand new set of adjustable shoes to allow for more boat flexibility. We will soon add wiring for a speed coach, as well as boat name stickers. Bean (for short) makes her new home on the second tier of the back sculling rack right across from “In the Red”.  She has been added to the equipment sign out and is ready for use. The boat has been rowed and checked but if you feel any additional modifications are needed to improve your rowing experience please email Katie or Rene at

Hope to see you out on the water!



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New Dock Construction


dock1This week a beautiful crisp Sunday morning offered the club an invigorating spot of rowing, followed by a significant step forward in the progress of our new dock system. All in all it was a day of accomplishment, as evidenced by the completion of a durable and rock-solid frame that will form the supporting structure for the main ramp that will lead down to our floating dock section.

This days dock building adventure was guided by the steely fortitude of master planner Steve Galett teamed with the steady wisdom and wise hands of his lifelong friend Paul (Paulie) and son (Little Paul), with assistance from the clumsy but moderately capable Men’s Captain and the eagle eyed and ever daring Club President. There was much cutting of wood and an excessive use of power tools backed by the steady patter of critical chit-chat and an occasional bout of tom-foolery. In the end the aforementioned team (having retained all extremities) was able to take stock of what they had wrought, lean back with hands affixed to hips and feel mighty proud of themselves.

Work yet to come will include finishing out the ramp with decking, building a connecting upper deck with oar racks at the top of the ramp, as well as a pivoting portion to connect the bottom of the ramp to the floating dock. Once complete the dock system will easily support 8 hippopotami dancing an irish jig, with sand free feet. Needless to say this will be the realization of a recurring fever dream that has plagued the FVRA membership throughout this last season. Rest easier dear rowers, the nightmare is almost over, the fever will soon break.

steve_dockStay tuned for the next installment in this scintillating dock-u-mentary.


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Dock Improvements and Summer Programs


New dock sections came in and were assembled this weekend. The dock is now much wider providing more stability while launching. While it has been put in, the water is still very cold and rowing is not set to start for another couple of weeks.

We are wrapping up the details for our spring/summer programs. Around the end of May into early June we will have a 3 week session and during July we will hold a 3 day weekend clinic (Fri-Sun). Stay tuned for updates and registration which will be found under the “Row With Us” tab.


Other updates:

  • Plans are being finalized for a ramp to add before the dock on the beach
  • There will be a team boat moving day on April 13th @ 9 am – more details to come
  • We have purchased a second set of A-frame racks for additional boats coming over from Simsbury on April 13th.
  • The sectional is being listed on in hopes of purchasing additional sculling boats

As we start the season in a couple of weeks please be aware of increased traffic down to the water. Both Riverfront and Trinity teams will be at Rainbow while they wait for the snow melt to recede in Hartford.


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Winter Training and Dock Improvements

FVRA winter training offerings have been finalized and are now available for registration. There will be two sessions available at the Trinity College tanks. The experienced/racing team session will be from 9am – 10:45am and novice clinic will be from 10:45am – 12pm. Trinity sessions will be from January 13th – March 10th. We will also be holding a winter training session at Ethel Walker School in Simsbury for racing team members on Wednesday nights from Jan – March, more info to come.

We’re looking to increase our dock size for next season and are actively working on acquiring additional dock sections and connectors. We have also developed a dock improvement plan for Rainbow to be implemented over the next year.

In an effort to get a better idea of equipment usage a new equipment crew consisting of board members will be looking to create an improved sign-out and maintenance system. We hope to have the new system developed and implemented for spring season 2013. If you have any suggestions for the crew please email Katie at, we’d love to hear from you.

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